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DCCCA  ‘Draw the Line’ Video Contest

Create a video that discourages underage drinking and you could win a prize of $750 and a chance to have your video air as a commercial on TV!

To enter, create a 30-second commercial that highlights the dangers of underage drinking in our community

The competition is open to Lawrence, KS residents only, competing for a

cash prize of $750 and a chance to air their commercial on TV.

Need help?  Have questions?  Contact Adrian Jacobs  ajacobs@ljworld.com   785-832-7112


The video judging will place an emphasis on concept and message, not on production values.  Contestants are encouraged to use whatever video equipment is available to them. Your video will be judged on:

  • How well you are able to convey the message of 'Drawing the Line' against underage drinking.
  • How effectively you are able to market your video and share the message with your friends, family and peers through social networks.
  • Creativity


  • Enter by embedding a link to your video posted on the internet.
  • Share the video through your social network and invite friends and family to vote on your video.
  • Video can be in any standard file format (.flv, .swf, .wmv, .mov etc.)  
  • Your commercial must be 30 seconds or less.
  • Complete a CONSENT FORM for everyone that appears in the video
  • The deadline is to enter is May 19, 2013
  • More than one entry may be submitted per person.
  • Please save a copy of your work.
  • You may enter as an individual or as a team. Team members must be listed on the entry form. Should your commercial be selected as a wining entry, the prize money will be divided evenly among all team members listed on the entry form.
  •  A completed Consent Form is required for each individual involved with creating or producing the commercial, including any music and sound effects. This includes all team members, all on-camera actors, all voiceover announcers, individuals in photographs, music composers, sound effect creators, and musicians who participated in any way. Every person involved in developing or producing the commercial submission must each sign a Consent Form.  Download a pdf consent form by clicking here.   Email the form to ajacobs@ljworld.com or mail to the Lawrence Journal-World ATTENTION ADRIAN JACOBS 645 New Hampshire Lawrence, KS 66044.  you can also bring the consent forms with you to the watch party in June (date to be announced).
  •  A completed Work Cited page is required and must be completed under an MLA or APA format and submitted with the Consent Form if selected as a finalist. This includes any photographs, researched facts and statistics. Do not use any family photographs, published photographs, website photographs, or video footage without written permission from the owner or all people in the photograph/video footage. This includes footage of school activities and sporting events. Photos that appear on the Internet and in magazines usually have copyrights and cannot be used (all movie, video game and TV footage is protected, as are news photos and video footage). Any video or photographs submitted using images without signed permission of the video or photograph's owner will be disqualified.
  • Music and Sound Effects: The only music and sound effects allowed on your entry must come from one of three sources: (a) Garage Band Software, consistent with the Garage Band Software License Agreement; or (b) your own music you created and performed alone or with your team members; or (c) music we provide (see below)  Please note: other resources/websites for music or sound effects that may indicate “copyright-free” may not be completely and legally copyright-free; use of any music or sound effects from other so-called copyright-free websites will disqualify your entry. Option (b) above, allows you to include work that is original to you. Everyone involved in composing and performing the music and sound effects must sign the Consent Form. You may not play (i.e., “cover”) anyone else’s music or use their sound effects unless that person is a team member who is available to sign the Consent Form. You may, however, use Garage Band as an element of your original music consistent with the Garage Band Software License Agreement. Do not use any other music, songs or sound effects.  Click here for:  Music You Can Use In Your Video
  • No alcohol can be consumed or appear to be consumed during the making of your commercial. You may dramatize the drinking of alcohol if you use a non-alcoholic beverage and cut the scene when the container reaches the lips of the actor. Nothing can be ingested. All "real" alcohol brand names must be removed from bottles or covered up so that they are not seen. Do not use any distinguishable alcohol containers, even if the labels are removed. No "drinking games" are allowed in your video (i.e., beer pong).
  • Commercials must be acceptable for airing by television stations; vulgar language and graphic content are not allowed.
  • Commercials that contain dangerous stunts, unsafe driving, vomit or vomiting, toilet scenes will be disqualified.
  • Do not show any company names or logos (i.e., businesses, high schools, universities, cemeteries) trademarks or art, including those on hats, shirts, and other items of clothing.
  • Do not include any phone numbers or web site addresses except for DCCCA. You may include your name and those of your team in the video as producers of the video, if you choose, although it is not required.
  • You may not use images in your video of tombstones with legible names and dates on them unless you have written permission from the family of the deceased. Permission must be submitted with your entry. You may edit the names and dates by blurring or blacking them out.
  • Videos submitted to the competition will not be returned, and may be displayed, duplicated, edited and exhibited for educational or promotional purposes as deemed appropriate by the competition sponsors. Submission of the video constitutes your approval for such use and exhibition.
  • Any video that glamorizes or encourages drinking will be disqualified. Any videos submitted can be determined to be ineligible at the sole discretion of competition sponsors. Any dispute associated with a video submission will be governed in accordance with substantive and procedural Kansas law.
  • Given the fluctuation in number of entries each year, we are unable to determine odds of winning.
  • WINNERS will be announced at a special event on June 1st


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